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Vegan cosmetics and care products, without animal testing, BPA free - because your body is your temple! At VEGATHLETICS, we consciously chose only one for our vegan cosmetics partners and, in our opinion, the best provider in Germany with ACARAA.ACARRA guarantees 100% vegan cosmetics, without animal testing, climate neutral and Made in Germany. If you buy an ACARAA care product, you support reforestation in the rainforest. With every fourth product sold,


ACARAA donate the proceeds to Oro Verde and plant a new tree together with the aid organization. You can follow the progress of the afforestation live on the tree counter. Learn more about the tree by tree project here.As we at VEGATHLETICS donated 5% of our total proceeds to at the end of the year, we knew that we had the right partner with ACARAA.

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